The Time We Got on YouTube

June 2, 2019
Read Time: 3 Minutes


Stumbling onto YouTube

I follow a homesteading YouTuber called Justin Rhodes. I watch a lot of gardening videos on YouTube, but I especially enjoy Justin’s because of the focus on his crazy cute family. A couple of years ago, Justin announced that he would be taking his family on the Great American Farm Tour. Basically, he would be traveling across the country in a converted school bus with his family, documenting his visits with growers and homesteaders, both famous and unknown. Before the tour, he asked his viewers to submit an invite to his family to be included on his YouTube channel. At the time I figured that my chances of being included were slim, but that it was worth a shot anyways. One of the requirements was to submit a short video. I’m guessing that Justin wanted to make sure that you could talk on camera. Below, is the garden video that I submitted:

It took a couple of weeks, but I was eventually surprised as heckers when I received a call from Justin, himself, informing me that he would be stopping by our home, which we call Breezehome. The wife and I debated quite a lot about what we would do and what we would show Justin while he was at Breezehome, filming. We ended up with a nice sized list of “interesting” video fodder, but in the end, we just kind of winged it.

After a few delays, Justin finally locked down a date. I was excited, but also dreading it at the same time. I ended up taking a day off to be available for the filming, but also because the wife told me that there was no way in hell that she would be greeting these strangers in her own.

Justin and his family showed up around noon and we served them some lunch, making sure to include salsa made from our garden. I won’t lie, I was so nervous that I threw back some drinks during lunch. And then, all of the sudden, Justin broke out his camera and it was time to film. I felt nervous during filming, but I tried my best, and the results came out pretty cool. These days I cringe when I watch our videos, but what am I to do? Check out the first video that we did with Justin below:

The next day, after the video had been released, the wife and I greedily watched the video, congratulated each other, and then started in on the viewer comments. They poured in, fast and furious, and the feedback was crazy! People loved the video. There were tons of compliments, including some humbling female attention, and a great joke that went, “Why do these guys always have such giant beards? Because they love growing stuff.”

Justin was also feeling good about the feedback for the video, and everyone was feeling great. Talking with Justin, we planned to film my morning chores the next day, and then roll into the wife demonstrating her mastery of dismantling and building with wooden pallets.

Check out our second video below:

After it was all over, I was glad that I had done it, but also much more glad that I wouldn’t have to talk on camera anymore. Clearly, I am not meant to be a YouTube star.