Specifically for South Florida Gardening

gardening in south floridaWe’ve built a web app for those gardening in South Florida to plan, manage, and track their garden. We also offer tons of information for success in vegetable gardening in zones 10-11.

South Florida Garden was created by Mike W, an avid gardener and urban homesteader in Fort Lauderdale. Mike has been gardening in South Florida for years now and truly understands the unique challenges and lack of applicable information for those of us in zones 10-11. Keeping that in mind, we aim to provide a thorough and accurate overall guide to gardening in South Florida as well as really cool topics related to urban homesteading.

We’ve just launched, so please pardon the mess, but we promise that great things are to come. We are adding informative blog posts that are full of gardening tips, and tricks that will help you create the ultimate urban homestead. We’ll also be adding guides to growing ornamental plants that thrive in South Florida, and an extensive list of resources and services for the urban homesteader that are crucial to your success. Learn from the experience and knowledge offered on this site, and you will save yourself tons of time and headache when it comes to your garden and related activities.

Try our Gardening Web App

We are rolling out our new Garden Management web app, and we’re quite proud of it. Our service is currently in a beta/soft launch phase, and so for a limited time, we are offering free one year accounts for our service. We’d love for you to help us break ground and be one of our beta users. We’ll be offering a mobile app version soon.

Why use our Garden Management Service?

  • Get the best tips for Florida vegetable gardening month by month
  • Use our garden service to plan, track, and manage every aspect about your garden
  • We offer monthly recommendations specific to South Florida that will take your gardening game to the next level
  • Get monthly email reminders about your to-do list and what to plant
  • Each July, every SFG member will receive a personalized complete garden activity archive file that encompasses everything related to your garden for both the Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring growing seasons

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